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Connect . Analyze . Visualize

focus on the device without worrying about platform
because Xenonify is fully customizable

Customize Xenonify

Setup your custom IoT platform in minutes. Choose what you need; add details; design your tool for connected world.

Setup Device

Connect your device to Xenonify using very simple mechanism. Just install some packages and add your credentials.

Get Your App

Design and publish mobile apps for your device in minutes. Generate your iOS and Android apps with few clicks.

Reach Customers

We host your Xenonify on our cloud and also support on-premises deployment. Now, it's time to reach customers.

How RayCare uses Xenonify

read how an emerging healthcare startup used Xenonify to empower it's health sensor devices
we helped them to collect, analyze and visualize critical sensor data

“I love Xenonify, I highly recommend it, Everyone Try It Now”

- @raycare

Key features of Xenonify

every product has different technology requirements, pick what suits your device
or you can request for a new feature; we'll create together


Customize for your device.

Cloud Hosted

Highly available and scalable.

Big Data Ready

Real-time data processing tools.

Intuitive Statistics

Comes with data analytics platform.

Social Integration

Automate status updates to social media.

Dataflow Designer

Create process topology using our GUI

NLP Engine

Allow commands in natural language.

Speech Engine

Adds voice command to your IoT device.

Triggered Actions

Event triggered code execution.


Request for new features

Getting Started

create your free account; for custom deployment contact us
add your devices to platform and explore how it works

need a custom solution

Request Quote

we are providing free trials, leave us a message; we'll contact you soon
we are open for queries and suggestions